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Industry vs. Native Women

31 May

In some ways, this isn’t a new story.  America is built on the idea that the land is empty, devoid of any native peoples or any landscapes that are valuable without destructive extraction of some resource.  But it’s not just history; it’s ongoing, continuing today and for the foreseeable future. Rachel van Zanten was “[i]nspired by images of Tahltan women blockading Shell in defense of the Sacred Headwaters in northern British Columbia [to] wr[i]te ‘My Country’.

She was invited to perform it for the Tahltan people at the Iskut Music Festival a year later, where we filmed this video.

One of the Klabona Keepers brought us up to the Headwaters, the birthplace of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine rivers and a traditional Tahltan territory. This area is critically endangered by a number of industrial mega-projects which threaten all 3 watersheds, affecting an area larger than Ireland.

You can learn more about how to help here, including signing an online petition.

h/t Anishinaabekwe.


I Hope This Made Sense At One Time…

29 May

A friend sent this to me recently.  And since fishnets paired with gold lame rollerskate high heels are still a necessity in our modern lives, I had to share it.

I’m a slut.

28 May

Did you know “slut” used to be the equivalent of “messy”?   In which case, I’m a slut thanks to all of the visits from friends and apartment renovations that have been going on recently (though I can’t pretend to not be disheveled for less pressing reasons).  How about you?

Mother’s Day

8 May

On this Mother’s Day, I want to honor all of the mothers of the world, without whom history could never have even happened.  It is only through the care and labor (of love, in most cases) of women that each of us was brought into the world, let alone given the tools to live our lives.