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Native American Women in History

19 Jun

From this blog via Historic Lols.

I wish that I could tell you some interesting things about Native American women in history to accompany this image, but “[m]ost often Native women were not even mentioned historically because the first traders and missionaries to come in contact with Native tribes did not see them as important”.  Even today, we hardly see the effect of these actions on Native women; everyone knows the Hollywood stereotypes, most of which represent Native men, but few realize what this means to Native women.  Not only do they experience both sexism and racism, they also contend with their own unique issues that are exacerbated by the isolation of the reservation system, the alienation of communities that our history of forced removals caused, and a serious lack of knowledge by the general public about things as simple as whether or not they still exist.  They do exist, and are living the consequences of colonial history every day.


A Series on Women Writers Through the Centuries

6 Jun

Echidne of the Snakes has a series of guest posts going right now that details some of the many women writers that have existed throughout history.  The installments are in chronological order, and it is on the third post.  Though only about a paragraph is written about each woman, just naming them is a step that needs to be taken, since some people think that women can’t write.

Bitch Magazine also recently had a blogpost on Sappho that I’ve been meaning to share.

The History Channel Problem

4 Jun

Ask any archaeologist and they will probably tell you: the History Channel is rather disappointing. Shows like “Ancient Encounters” (or whatever that stupid show about ancient humans meeting aliens is called) tend to be the lynchpin in the whole dislike.

But the disappearance of women in history has always troubled me, too. Continue reading