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Mary Francis vs. the Pipeline

30 Aug

Mary Francis, retired teacher from Norman, Oklahoma, is arrested for protesting the tar sands pipeline.

I really hope history is on her side and we stop creating such destructive, thoughtless assaults on the future of this planet.  At least we have awesome women like Mary Francis on the front lines for us.

Elderly Woman Arrested in front of White House

(Click on the image to see where I got it from and read what they had to say.)

h/t Spring.


Letter to Liza Pozdnyshev, From Her Mother: A Re-Telling of Tolstoy’s ‘The Kreutzer Sonata’

17 Aug

I originally wrote this as a final paper for a class called European Women’s History.  The assignment was to write a short story using what we had learned about women’s lives in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.  One of our readings had been the Kreutzer Sonata, a first person account by Leo Tolstoy of a man going insane with jealousy over his wife.  As much as I love Tolstoy’s writing, the story itself rubbed me the wrong way, and I could only finish reading it by imaging what the wife’s perspective might be.  Here is my rendition of her tale:

I am well aware that your father has already told you the story of my death.  I am sure that he vilified me, making me sound like a loose and shrew-ish woman, but I am also aware that this is my only chance to impart my wisdom to you and I hope that you will bear me out.  Continue reading

Social Control in the Future and in the Past

15 Aug

Recently, the social circles I engage with have been talking a lot about the riots in England and the political changes that are going on all over the world.  A lot of people are, with reason, afraid of what the future might bring, concerned that some combination of money, technology, and politics will render the future bleak.  I personally can’t help but feel the same thing, especially since, as Neil Degrasse Tyson said recently, “We’ve stopped dreaming….  Tomorrow is gone.” Continue reading

Misogyny Bear

14 Aug

It occurred to me during the last post that I haven’t been posting many visuals lately. So, to keep it interesting:

“The Help”

13 Aug

I’m usually really excited, for obvious reasons, about historical fiction (especially historical fiction that focuses on people other than the usual kings and presidents) making its way from books to the movies.  So when I first started to see ads for The Help, I mostly reacted with excitement.

But the track record of Hollywood in regards to telling the stories of black women is not good, so I was apprehensive too.  Sadly, it turns out that both the novel and the movie have major problems with accuracy* when it comes to the actual lived experience of black women in the South in the 1960s.  (And that’s not the only problem with it.)  For many white people, this will still be an eye-opening film, but I hope they are inspired to dig further, so that they will learn that this is a watered-down, cleaned-up, and stolen version of what actually happened.

*Found via Jack and Jill Politics.


Update: Another view on the subject.

Some Fun-and-Pretty

9 Aug

What would famous people who are no longer alive (or never were) wear today?  This blog tries to answer that question.

And I personally love her choices for the Countess of Bathory.  Those are clothes that really say, “I bathe in virgin blood.”

Via Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.

Women in Libya’s Civil War

7 Aug

{If you are sensitive to depictions of sexual assault and violence, please be careful about which links you click on.  In order to ‘see’ what you are going to, in some browsers, you can hold your mouse over a link without clicking and see what the name of the link is in the lower left of the window.}

In the history of the world, the civil war in Libya will undoubtedly be remembered as a male event.  Continue reading

Women Engineers in the 1970s

3 Aug

There is a great video here that I found via a rather roundabout way.  Apparently, it was originally made as a recruitment video for women in the 1970s.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to embed it here, but you should go watch it.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

1 Aug

Have you ever heard of the awesome gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe before?  Neither had I until my good friend Spring from Progress on the Prairie introduced her to me: