“The Help”

13 Aug

I’m usually really excited, for obvious reasons, about historical fiction (especially historical fiction that focuses on people other than the usual kings and presidents) making its way from books to the movies.  So when I first started to see ads for The Help, I mostly reacted with excitement.

But the track record of Hollywood in regards to telling the stories of black women is not good, so I was apprehensive too.  Sadly, it turns out that both the novel and the movie have major problems with accuracy* when it comes to the actual lived experience of black women in the South in the 1960s.  (And that’s not the only problem with it.)  For many white people, this will still be an eye-opening film, but I hope they are inspired to dig further, so that they will learn that this is a watered-down, cleaned-up, and stolen version of what actually happened.

*Found via Jack and Jill Politics.


Update: Another view on the subject.


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