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“Women of the Future”: Still Wearing Corsets and For Some Reason Often Sleeveless

22 Sep

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As noted in the comments on the original article, these pictures were probably intended to be mocking rather than representative or inspirational. In my mind, that makes it even more interesting that so many of these roles are actually filled by women now – without our corsets or sleeves getting in the way.



11 Sep

Normally, September 11th is a day on which I silently remember the terrorist attacks on the US and consider what has happened since.  It’s become a day that is so synonymous with jingoistic posturing that I would rather just avoid talking about the subject altogether.

But then I came across this article: Heroic Women of 9/11: Where Are Their Memorials?

Because terror, violence, and war – and strong, reasoned responses to them – are so heavily associated with men, our collective imagination forgets that there were women involved, and that they too performed heroic and necessary actions.  On this September 11th, let’s make sure to remember all of the people who risked and sacrificed their lives, the men and the women.

Update: White women and heroes aren’t the only ones who should be remembered.

Hysteria Movie

4 Sep

While it’s sure to have the worst parts of the historical reality downplayed, and maybe a little too much humor – in the, “you’re laughing because this makes you uncomfortable, aren’t you?” sense – this upcoming movie called Hysteria should be an interesting introduction for a general audience.

100 Years of Culture in London

2 Sep

Oh friends, I have so much to post and so little time!

In the meantime, here’s another fun little thing to keep you company.