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Nora Guthrie Talks About Her Father

31 Dec

It’s a bit of a big thing in my town right now that the Woody Guthrie Archives are finally going to find a permanent home in Oklahoma.  So even though this isn’t history about a woman, I thought the blog could handle a little Nora Guthrie talking about her famous father.


The Evolution of Four Sisters

16 Dec

Sometimes I feel like women in our society are supposed to be timeless. Pop culture, media, society – whoever you want to blame, we rarely see images of women old or aging. Somehow, we are supposed to pretend that there is no clock ticking off the minutes of our lives, no forces of physical entropy re-sculpting our bodies every minute in tiny little ways. We are portrayed most of the time as young, and the young women we see are never allowed to grow old before our eyes.

So it’s great to see a collection like this that follows women through their lifetime.  (I’m not even going to put a picture from it here, because you should go look at the whole thing.)  We get to see 25 years of age and experience etch themselves beautifully into each woman’s face.

You Belong To Me

2 Dec

Shortly after World War II, a young woman wrote a song called “Hurry Home to Me”, asking an imaginary boyfriend to not be distracted by his adventures abroad from the women he had left at home.  Since the war was over, the song was changed to “You Belong to Me“.  That young woman was Chilton Price, a music radio historian who wrote songs for fun.

The song subsequently became a hit Continue reading