You Belong To Me

2 Dec

Shortly after World War II, a young woman wrote a song called “Hurry Home to Me”, asking an imaginary boyfriend to not be distracted by his adventures abroad from the women he had left at home.  Since the war was over, the song was changed to “You Belong to Me“.  That young woman was Chilton Price, a music radio historian who wrote songs for fun.

The song subsequently became a hit and, in the years since, has been recorded by a ton of different artists and featured in a ton of different t.v. shows and movies.  One version was sung by another mostly-forgotten woman from that era, Jo Stafford.  Here’s Patsy Cline’s version:

Chilton Price wrote several other songs as well, and only died last year at the ripe old age of 96.  Happily, she was honored for her achievements before she died:

Sadly, she shared credit for writing the song, even though it was totally her own creation, which was generous of her but is so often a way that a woman can be wiped out of history.  At least there is still evidence now of her involvement.


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