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Daisy Bates, Civil Rights Activist

16 Jan

You know the story of Martin Luther King Jr. Today is the day we celebrate his incredible legacy.

But do you know the story of Daisy Bates? She is, arguably, just as important as Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for Civil Rights, but not many people know of her. A child of tragic circumstances, she was to become “more recognizable than Martin Luther King Jr. locally”.  Besides being an activist, she was also a writer, a wife, and, briefly, the local NAACP President.

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African-American Slaves In Their Own Words

5 Jan

In the words of the women and men who experienced it, famous African-American actors tell about slavery in the American South. It’s split in a weird place, so you basically have to watch them in order if you want to get the whole story that Oprah recites.

Be careful if you’re sensitive to liberal use of the n-word and/or descriptions of rape.