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Mildred Fish

26 Jan

Sometimes you go in search of Mildred Fish, a controversial researcher of scurvy in children, and come across Mildred Fish-Harnack, a Nazi resistor, instead.


I’m back!

20 Jan

As women in the world so often do, I had a baby. As so many women before me have experienced, this required so much time from me, I haven’t been able to devote much to other activities. As so many women after me will, I also lost my password to my blog in the process and only remembered it recently, in the witching hour when everyone except my household was asleep.

So I’m back! I still have a bunch of topics lined up for you and find more all the time. Though I’m going to be working on it at odd hours, I am going to do my best to keep blogging and posting from here on out.