Why this, you ask?  Because I love history.  Not just historic history, but prehistoric history too.  (Did you even know there was a difference?)  Yet when I read about history like I do all the time, women are too often excluded from it.  Their names are forgotten.  Their contributions are forgotten.  Their importance and their impact are forgotten.  Online compilations of women in history tend to be too limited or too hard to find.  I hope to change that.

As for me, I’m currently getting my Master’s in Archaeology (hence, the sporadic posting).  I’m also a feminist, a musician, a baker, a thinker, a reader, an artist, a wife, a sister, a friend.  My real life is hectic, so I’ll start out just posting links, but I’ve got more than that to say.

If you think there is something that I should include on the blog, feel free to suggest it here.  I am also always in search of information pertaining to more of the world than just North America and Europe (which are the easiest to find for an English speaker, and usually more detailed as well), so please leave any recommendations you might have here as well.


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