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Old News: Old Bra

16 Nov

Women have supposedly only been wearing bras for a hundred years.  But women have had breasts for millions of years, and those breasts can pain their bearers during exercise, pregnancy, or just everyday life – and for a lot of women, the best antidote is some external support.  So it’s no surprise that a few 14th century bras were found in the floorboards of an Austrian castle.  It’s certainly neat, though; it reminds us that the women back then were women just like we are.

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Some Fun-and-Pretty

9 Aug

What would famous people who are no longer alive (or never were) wear today?  This blog tries to answer that question.

And I personally love her choices for the Countess of Bathory.  Those are clothes that really say, “I bathe in virgin blood.”

Via Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.