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For the Fashionable Feminists of Hystory…

20 May


100 Years of Culture in London

2 Sep

Oh friends, I have so much to post and so little time!

In the meantime, here’s another fun little thing to keep you company.

Some Fun-and-Pretty

9 Aug

What would famous people who are no longer alive (or never were) wear today?  This blog tries to answer that question.

And I personally love her choices for the Countess of Bathory.  Those are clothes that really say, “I bathe in virgin blood.”

Via Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.

Fashionable Women of Color

9 Jul

Thanks to NPR, I discovered this great blog*, which has a ton of historical pictures of women of color.

I’m going to submit this photograph myself, which I unfortunately don’t have any background information for (I found it at the post office!) but I love nonetheless:

The little boy is pretty stylish too!  I’d love to have his pants (adult-sized, please) and her shirt…

*I read Minh-Ha’s main blog, Threadbared, all the time, but somehow never noticed this offshoot.