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Lady Irony Strikes

12 Jul

…The irony for me being that not having to look for a job constantly anymore has actually left me with less time to update than before.  If only someone would pay me to post.


For the Fashionable Feminists of Hystory…

20 May

Misogyny Bear

14 Aug

It occurred to me during the last post that I haven’t been posting many visuals lately. So, to keep it interesting:

American History, In the Style of Facebook

22 Jul

Here’s an interesting exercise:

(from Failbook)

There is a lot left out.  The first one spans about 600 years, for heaven’s sake!

Other things that were a pretty big deal: the Seneca Falls Convention.  The Fifteenth Amendment and Women’s Suffrage.  And a whole lot of other things that most people aren’t aware of (but I’ve always preferred the more obscure stuff myself).  What would you include?

The Story of Oney Judge

15 Apr

*The serious ends here.

Via Civil War Memory via Ta-Nehisi Coates*.

(And yes, I did just reverse the order that asterisks normally go in.)