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Real Men Hug

17 Aug

The sort-of counterpart to my own humble blog is The Art of Manliness, who has a great (and big!) collection of photographs of men, along with an extensive discussion of the changing norms among men from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.  Go check out the physically intimate photographs of that other sex.


Fashionable Women of Color

9 Jul

Thanks to NPR, I discovered this great blog*, which has a ton of historical pictures of women of color.

I’m going to submit this photograph myself, which I unfortunately don’t have any background information for (I found it at the post office!) but I love nonetheless:

The little boy is pretty stylish too!  I’d love to have his pants (adult-sized, please) and her shirt…

*I read Minh-Ha’s main blog, Threadbared, all the time, but somehow never noticed this offshoot.